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Home > Home And Garden > Chimney Supplies > Rutland 600 CASTABLE REFRACTORY CEMENT 12 1/2 lbs.

Rutland 600 CASTABLE REFRACTORY CEMENT 12 1/2 lbs.

Condition: New
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Product Details

This castable refractory fireplace cement comes in a 12 1/2 tub. This product can be cast into various shapes. This product is especially viable for filling in worn out and chipped out firebrick or filling in any holes in your masonry fireboxes. This product will cure without heat. You can use in outdoor fire boxes. This castable refractory fireplace cement will withstand a 2200 degree Fahrenheit. The cement can be painted after drying. The cement comes in light brown.Can be cast into custom shapes.Ideal for replacing worn out firebrick and filling large irregular holes in masonry fireboxes.Creates an excellent solid stove bed.Cures without heat.Strong enough for use in outdoor fire pits.Withstands temperatures as high as 2and#44;200 F.May be painted after curing.Easy to use.Consistency: dry.Pot Time: 20 to 30 minutes.Dry Time: 24 hoursand#44; depending upon thicknessand#44; humidityand#44; and air temperature.Coverage: one 12.5 pound container casts a block 12andquot; x 12andquot; x 1.25andquot;.Color: light brown.

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