Cyber Acoustics AC-201 Headset Cable Over-The-Head 3.5mm Mini Plug - Silver

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This amplified microphone element can be used for speech recognition applications and voice over the Internet. Features:L&H IBM ViaVoice Dragon certified.Direct noise canceling technology.Stereo headset.Adjustable headband.7 foot shielded cord.Adjustable boom arm.Ambidextrous design (wear on right or left side). Technical Information:DRIVERS - 27mm dynamic drivers.Connectors - 3.5mm gold plated plugs.Microphone - output : -67dBV/microbar -47dBV/pascal plus or minus 4dB.power voltage - 1.5v to 10v.Impedance:Headphone: 32 ohms.Microphone: 680 ohms.Frequency response:Headset: 20 - 20 000 Hz.Microphone: 100 - 16 000 Hz.

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