Megcos 1260 11.8" X 2.8" X 7.5" Little Phone And Camera

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This pretty toy ''Little Phone & Camera'' by Megcos Toy Company LTD will help you r little one gain familiarity with telephone and photo camera while offering hours and hours of fun as they engage in entertaining pretend-play with this cute set that includes a little "phone" and "photo camera" that light up and make various sounds if buttons are pressed. Studies show that children who grow up in an enriched environment - where they are presented with new experiences that engage their senses - have larger more active brains than those who grow up without adequate sensory stimulation. Toys such as this one offer children plenty of room to see touch smell taste - i.e. - learn about the world. Comes in a colorful box measuring 11.8 x 2.8 x 7.5 inches.Exciting and educational this toy would make a nice gift for any child! ^This exciting toy is great for any child older than 1yo! ^Brand new in original box ships directly from our warehouse. ^Impressive gift for your little one! ^See item description below for further details.

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