Talus Highroad HR-TSTAND-XL TrashStand Xl Floor Litterbag

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Family outings commuting drive-thru dinners- life on the road generates trash. Contain the mess with a family-sized litterbag- leftover coffee soft drinks or whatever your family dishes out. The 600 denier pack cloth is made fully leakproof with a sealed vinyl liner that wipes clean with a swipe. Tuck wipes in the mesh pocket so they re always in reach. Close the sturdy lid to hide the mess. Cleans up with just a wipe or line with a standard trash bag. Holds up to 2 gallons of trash! Will not leak great for half consumed cups of coffee or juice Controls trash in your car Pockets to hold wipes and tissues Family size Holds two gallons Pockets to hold wipes and tissues Weighted base and bottom grips hold it firmly in place empty or full Sturdy lid closes to hide trash Rigid sidewalls prevent collapse Wipes clean easily Use with or without a standard trash bag

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