SnugFleece Woolens 1019 Original Wool Mattress Pad - XL-Twin

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SnugFleece Wool Mattress Pads provide unsurpassed comfort! These pads offer superb craftsmanship and quality that is not found elsewhere. Wool has a unique way of accommodating fluctuating body temperature helping you stay warm in the winter and cool in the summer. These pads fit directly on your mattress, under your fitted sheet. In winter, air pockets between wool fibers trap body heat and keep warm air circulating freely, providing a consistent body temperature that allows deeper, more restful sleep. In summer, wool's absorbent, hollow fibers wick moisture, keeping the air next to your skin dry, and eliminating that damp, clammy feeling. Sheets remain cool and crisp even on muggy nights. This dry environment discourages growth of mold and mildew, a plus for people with allergies. Soft, cushioned support conforms to contours of your body to ease pressure points and aid circulation. This helps eliminate restless nights, stiff neck, lower back pain, painful joints, arm and hand numbness. 100% American virgin wool is clean, odor free, and naturally flame resistant. All adult sized SnugFleece Wool Mattress Pads have 2" wide elastic corner straps that fit any mattress up to 18" deep. The crib sized straps will fit mattresses 4"-8" deep. To help choose the right pad for your bed, please see the Other Images area "Which Pad is Right For Me " table. The SnugFleece Original and SnugFleece II have a cotton backing onto which the wool fibers are bonded. These two styles are dry-cleanable. Can also be vacuumed and spot-cleaned to keep in good shape. The Deluxe, Imperial, and Elite have wool fibers knitted through a woven polyester machine washable backing. Returns of SnugFleece Wool Mattress Covers must be returned in "like new" condition (you can sleep on them but they cannot be washed or altered in any way to qualify for a refund). Please contact us for return instructions.1-3/4" Pile / 86 oz. Wool per Square Yard / Dry Clean.Warm in Winter/Cool in Summer/Non-Allergenic.Natural comfort and pain relief - conforms to the contours of your body to ease pressure points.30-Day Sleep Guarantee - Return if not Satisfied.Size: XL-Twin

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