Telebrands 228000 Hurricane Spin Broom Sweeper

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Using a traditional broom and dustpan is backbreaking work. Not anymore! Introducing the Hurricane Spin Broom, from the makers of the best selling Hurricane Spin Mop! Hurricane Spin Broom is a cordless, lightweight spinning broom cleans up every mess with ease! The secret lies in the triple brush technology that rotates with cyclonic action. Just roll over the mess and it'll pull in anything in its path. Weighing less than two pounds, Hurricane Spin Broom can be stored anywhere. The no-touch, large capacity bin is built in and empties in seconds. Plus the revolutionary swivel of the Hurricane Spin Broom steering gives you incredible maneuverability. The bristles of Hurricane Spin Broom are perfect for cleaning dirt and debris out of those hard to reach places, like grout lines or underneath your baseboards. Use Hurricane Spin Broom to clean hard woods, laminates, and tiles! FeaturesHurricane Spin Broom SweeperHandheld and PortableSpinning Brush Heads Pick Up Mess For YouNo-Touch, Large Capacity Bin

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