Telebrands 252680 Atomic Lizard Camera

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When you're working around the house, do you struggle & strain to see in tight places, behind the washer or in small spaces, micro inspection camera that goes anywhere you can't see, easy to use, just turn on the hand held base, feed the 4' cable with attached camera wherever you want, like a clogged dryer vent, saving you time & money, gets into hard to reach places, powerful led light illuminates the darkest cracks & crevices, clogged toilet or drain, waterproof cable, can see what's causing your clog, 3 attachments, hook tip to retrieve jewelry you've accidently dropped down the drain, mirror tip is great for uncovering critters hidden behind appliances, like your washing machine or refrigerator, find screws dropped on your high pile carpet when you use the magnet tip. FeaturesConveniently displays what the camera sees on a 2.4-inch screenNo more worrying about dropping your smartphone inspection camera in the toiletDiscover lost objects, pipe clogs, and critter nests in the darkest corners and crevices thanksLizard cam’s waterproof cable means that you can investigate clogs in drains, toiletsSpecificationsWeight: 3.6 lbs

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