Broadcastvision Entertainment BV-AXSPVSC-CV Axcess Universal Screen Controller For Use With Cardio Vision TVs

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The universal controller from Broadcastvision allows you to control ANY personal viewing screen and/or control ANY cable, satellite & IPTV set top box without the battery operated remote control. It is the only universal controller in the fitness industry that allows the user to operate cable, satellite and IPTV set top boxes in conjunction with any manufacturer's personal viewing screens, without the need for an additional handheld remote control unit. The user can control the personal viewing screen with just the universal controller. Now you can replace faulty controllers from Life Fitness, Precor, Matrix, Startrac, Cardio Theater, CardioVision, Fantaay, MYE and others. It also allows you to control ANY cable, satellite or IPTV set top box . The set top box can be located next to the cardio equipment or remotely located, back in an A/V closet for instance. The universal controller is loaded with features including channel guide access, headphone jack replacement alert, closed captioning, 10-key number pad, energy saving auto-off feature and more. FeaturesRed light - power indicator lightGreen light - flashes green when programmed correctly solid green when headphones are plugged in and headphone jack is in good working conditionYellow light - appears when headphones are plugged in and headphone jack needs to be replacedEq - adjust sound eq levelsMute - mute volumeVolume - adjust volumeCc - closed captioningSource - select from 3 different sources, tv, hdmi, componentPrev - previous channelGuide - for directv, dish and motorola set top boxes enables the keypad to act as a guide for menu operationSelect - when using the guide function for directv, dish and motorolaExit - exit guide featureChannel - channel selectionPower - power on/offDecimal - for use when a decimal point is required controller must be programmed for this feature to be activeIncludesWorldwide Compatibility! Works with Cox, AT&T U-verse, Cablevision, Comcast, DIRECTV, DISH, IPTV, Motorola, Time Warner, Rogers, Shaw, Verizon Fios, Hot, Charter, Yes and others.IncludedAxcess Universal Screen Controller for use with CardioVision TVs and/or controlling cable, satellite and IPTV Set Top Boxes. Compatible with Comcast, DIRECTV, IPTV, DISH, TimeWarner, Motorola and others. Menu navigation for DIRECTV, DISH, MOTOROLA, Necessary Adapters Included.SpecificationsWeight: 1 lbs

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