Pop Art BCA25265 5 Oz Nori Sesame Popcorn - Pack Of 9

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Nori is a unique flavor that falls somewhere between earthiness and the brininess of the sea. it's flavor will at first stun you, but once you fully comprehend that you are eating seaweed, then it will all make sense and you will devour this delicious treat. it has been a dietary staple of the asian and pacific islands for thousands of years and we love the umami flavor so much, that we had to have it on our popcorn. we use toasted seaweed and slow roasted seasame seeds to give the popcorn and delicious blend of nutty, briny, umami deliciousness. enjoy or shall we say kanpai. FeaturesNori sesame popcornPack of 9SpecificationsCapacity: 5 ozWeight: 4.2 lbs

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